Windows to Ubuntu Converts – Beginner questions

Why Should I use Ubuntu?

It is easy, fast, better, safe, simple, update and free.

Should I delete Windows to install Ubuntu (or any other Linux)?

No. You can install Ubuntu without uninstalling Windows. While you boot your system you can choose to either Ubuntu or Windows.

How to install Ubuntu?

Download Ubuntu here. It is around 700 MB. Write the downloaded file as an ISO image. Help for this here. Now this CD is called Live CD. Load this CD in your CD drive and restart your system. While restarting press F8 and choose to boot from CD/DVD. This will give you a feel how your system will look like if you have Ubuntu installed. Now you can choose to install using the install option in the Live CD.

How long does it take to install Ubuntu?

Around 15 minutes or less. While the installation goes, you can carry around your normal work in the system, so installation won’t bore you. Isn’t it cool to use the OS even before installing it?

What should I take care while installing?

If you have installed windows already, you should take care while answering the disk partition question while installing. Choose resize option if you want to keep the data safe in your windows partitions. If you choose erase disk, then some data might be lost. So, be careful here.

Why am I not able to connect to the internet through USB?

This has to do with the USB driver specifications. Search for Linux drivers for this or any hardware which refuses to run in Ubuntu.

Some hardware like web cam, music instruments don’t run in Ubuntu? So, is Ubuntu inferior?

No, this is not a problem of Ubuntu but of the hardware provider who failed to give drivers which run in any platform. Write to that hardware provider to support you or ask in Ubuntu user support forums. Some one might find it for you or write a driver for you. When you purchase any hardware in the future, take care to verify that it is Linux compatible.

What anti-virus software can I use for Ubuntu?

Ha ha. There is no virus in Ubuntu (or any Linux). So you need not install any Anti-virus software.

How do I install new software?

Go to System-admin-synaptic package manager, search for the software you want and install them.

Can i access my Windows files from Ubuntu?

Yes. But you cannot access Ubuntu files from Windows. Write to Bill Gates if you need to 🙂

Don’t I have Yahoo / MSN messenger?

No. But you can use GAIM from which you can access all popular chat clients like GTalk, MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, IRC channels all at one place. You cannot voice or video chat in these programs though. You have separate Ubuntu-Ubuntu compatible programs for Voice and Video Chat.

�Can I view / write Tamil without problem in all applications in Ubuntu?