How to get more Twitter followers?

How to get more Twitter followers?

1. Announce your Twitter URL in your website, blog, forums, groups you take part. Email your friends and ask them to join.

2. Follow other people. Usually people follow back if they find your tweets useful.

3. Display your tweets in your blog / website. This will drive continous new traffic to your Twitter page.

4. Retweet other’s tweets. Recommend some to be followed. Usually, you get the favor back.

5. Tweet regularly on various topics of your interest. People monitor for new tweets in their niche areas and will follow you.

6. Respond to people even if they don’t follow you. People tend to follow you if you care for them.


2 responses to “How to get more Twitter followers?”

  1. Besides adding Twitter widgets to our own blogs, cross linking our Twitter profile across several social media sites also helps.

    For instance, both my Digg and StumbleUpon profiles mention my Twitter link.

  2. That’s a good tip shankar. I mainly wrote for just bloggers / people new to social media who might be trying twitter first.