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  • PayPal 2.0

    I have been using PayPal for last few years but hardly notice any user interface improvements. There are many alternative Payment processing services but nothing comes close to PayPal’s universal presence. While some are good, they are best only for the US market. So, if there is ever a PayPal 2.0, I wish it has […]

  • Outdated website design

    Does your website fit any of the following? Then your web site’s design is outdated for sure. Either you or your web designer is living in a cave 😉 * Never disappearing Under construction clip art sign. Mostly with a nice hammer and nail. * Home page says Click here to enter for no reason […]

  • Web design tips for bloggers

    Font color Keep the font color black in a white background. Any other color combination can be painful for the reader’s eyes and challenge those who are color blind. If you still wish to have colored fonts, choose a dark font in a light background with sufficient contrast and ask some of your friends for […]