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  • Time management tips for social networking sites

    Select only two sites for social networking. One for professional and another for personal network. I use Orkut and LinkedIn. Do not accept invitations for new networking sites from your friends. Do not accept friend requests from people you haven’t met or with whom you don’t share a passion. This will help you save time, […]

  • Web design tips for bloggers

    Font color Keep the font color black in a white background. Any other color combination can be painful for the reader’s eyes and challenge those who are color blind. If you still wish to have colored fonts, choose a dark font in a light background with sufficient contrast and ask some of your friends for […]

  • Google reader tips

    1. Rename your subscriptions. More than one blog can have the same blog title. For example, some Tamil blogs have the same title – ????? ??????????. No quick way of knowing which person’s blog is updated. Also, some blog names are strange / unclear that we don’t remember. And some names are lengthy. So what […]

  • Windows to Ubuntu Converts – Beginner questions

    Why Should I use Ubuntu? It is easy, fast, better, safe, simple, update and free. Should I delete Windows to install Ubuntu (or any other Linux)? No. You can install Ubuntu without uninstalling Windows. While you boot your system you can choose to either Ubuntu or Windows. How to install Ubuntu? Download Ubuntu here. It […]

  • Blogger to WordPress converts – Beginner Questions

    Blogger to WordPress converts – Beginner Questions