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  • 10 ideas for creating new blog posts

    Do you run out of  ideas to post to your blog regularly? Here are some tips that may help: 1. Blog your passion. Identify what your passion is and blog about it. Track news, network with people in your niche. You will never run out of ideas about your passion.  2. Draft your ideas. Actaully, we […]

  • Twitter wisdom

    How to find new people to follow in twitter? 0. Visit your friend’s profile pages and check whom they are following. 1. Check to whom your friends are sending @ replies often. These are active, interesting people. 2. Now, Go to http://search.twitter.com and search for things of your interest. Select profiles with interesting content. From […]

  • WordPress Troubleshooting Steps

    Whenever you have a problem with your WordPress blog, don’t Panic. So far as your WordPress database and wp-contents folder is fine, you are fine.

  • How to get more visitors for your websites?

    1. First let know your friends, relatives, contacts about your site. Mail them once. 2. Submit to your site to popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN and web directories in your field. Link to your new site from your already existing sites. Or request your friends to link to you. Make sure, your site […]

  • Time saving and management tips for online chat

    1. Do not be logged into any chat application by default all the time you are online. If you could follow this, then half the time you spend in online chats would be saved. Having status mode as busy / don’t disturb doesn’t really help. Our best friend’s first job is to buzz! us 🙂 […]