Time management tips for social networking sites

  • Select only two sites for social networking. One for professional and another for personal network. I use Orkut and LinkedIn. Do not accept invitations for new networking sites from your friends.
  • Do not accept friend requests from people you haven’t met or with whom you don’t share a passion. This will help you save time, avoid unimaginable online and real world safety troubles. Also, your friends list will be less cluttered so you can stay in touch with them more ease and closeness.
  • Do not use social networking sites as a timepass, chat or mail applications. Use it to trace them where they are. Watching their latest photos and videos should be ok. It is easier than mailing them. But, rather than scraping send them occasional personal mails. Reply for a scrap via email and realize that you would save time from the incessant scraps that would have followed if otherwise. I value mails more than scraps. And I hate this “Happy xyz day” wishes sent to all friends in the list.
  • Do not have email notification of scraps. Email notifications can distract you and make you login to these sites quite often. If someone is really going to die if you don’t reply them immediately, they would not choose to scrap. Stay cool.
  • Stop reading scraps in other’s pages.
  • If you are reading messages from communities, then God save you. Stop it. Better, Unsubscribe. You can always find the information and people without these communities.
  • You are smart. The world knows. So, you don’t need to change that photo 3 times a day.
  • Do not try to use it as a matrimonial. Live in the real world. I always hear that girl friends can be met in bars!!