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  • Email Horoscope

    One’s Email ID and usage behavior could reveal some info about his online history: * Email IDs like sumathy1999@yahoo.com or john2009@hotmail.com with recent years indicates the year the Email ID was created. * An Email ID with a very common name like ram@gmail.com or james@gmail.com indicates he was one of the earlier and long time […]

  • Twitter wisdom

    How to find new people to follow in twitter? 0. Visit your friend’s profile pages and check whom they are following. 1. Check to whom your friends are sending @ replies often. These are active, interesting people. 2. Now, Go to http://search.twitter.com and search for things of your interest. Select profiles with interesting content. From […]

  • 20 Practial Tips for Better Chat Management

    Chatting is one online activity which can eat your time and get you in trouble if mismanaged. I am trying to list down some practical tips from my experience regarding this.

  • Time management tips for social networking sites

    Select only two sites for social networking. One for professional and another for personal network. I use Orkut and LinkedIn. Do not accept invitations for new networking sites from your friends. Do not accept friend requests from people you haven’t met or with whom you don’t share a passion. This will help you save time, […]

  • What I use / recommend

    Browser – Firefox – Free, customisable, stable, fast, portable, secure, cross-platform and more advantages.. Operating system – Ubuntu 7.04 – Free, Fast, Stable, Secure (No Virus!), Frequent updates & upgrades, Works even in outdated hardware, Outstanding community support. Office Software – 1. Google Docs and Spreadsheets – simple, free, online 2. Open Office – […]