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  • Professional Freelancers

    Being a single freelancer, sometimes I depend on my other freelancing friends to help me. Usually for graphic design skills. I am simply amazed to work with them and find them professioanl freelancers. So, I thought how can we describe professional freelancers: 1. Faster response time. Responses usually within hours. Never later than a day. […]

  • How to choose a freelance client?

    In the beginning, you may be desperate to win every client. But in the long run, you will need to choose your clients if you want to have peaceful freelancing career 🙂 1. Check client’s profile Does he have a good job award ratio? Has he got good feedback from freelancers? 2. Is the job […]

  • How to write a freelance job?

    To get the interest of quality freelancers, the clients need to be clear with their job postings. A good job post can be done as follows: 1. Describe the job with as much detail you can. Include directions in PDF. Refer to model sites. List the requirements. Do not give vague one line job descriptions […]