Email Horoscope

One’s Email ID and usage behavior could reveal some info about his online history:

* Email IDs like or with recent years indicates the year the Email ID was created.

* An Email ID with a very common name like or indicates he was one of the earlier and long time users of the service. No way such a common name is freely available.

* Email IDs like or with very old years indicates the year the person was born.

*  An Email ID like or indicates the profession / interest of the person involved.

* An Email ID like indicates that the writer is definitely Tamil and no global guy will recognize unless he himself declares as a writer 😉

* An Email ID like or indicates that the girl is in love with that guy. Most probably the boyfriend will be checking her emails. Beware.

* Any email ID with indicates that the owner is an early user of internet who doesn’t know to move to better email services or he should be real dumb.

* A person with more than 3 email IDs (most likely from small sites) and checks it regularly is a newbie internet user.

* A person who keeps forwarding emails probably doesn’t use internet for anything else worth spending time.

* One who calls you to verify that you received an email is probably a grand father / grand mother who is excited to learn this internet stuff.

* One who uses Twitter instead of Email is a fairly advanced internet user.

Can you think of anything else? 🙂

Things you may not know about Gmail

1. Do you use more than one gmail account for managing official, academic, friendly mails? You can read them all through just one account. Go to your secondary email accounts – > Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable forwarding. You can also set filters to make things easier.

2. You can not only read different mail accounts at one place but also can send out mails using different IDs. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Send mail as, add the secondary mail ID and then verify it.

3. You can modify your email id as you wish by just adding a + after your mail ID. For example, and are one the same. You can add different +labels and give it to different people. So when they send mails to those addresses you can use filters to sort them. You can use them just for fun too. Try sending a mail to your crush with +iluvu 🙂

4. Do you have a user name with a dot in between? Don’t worry where you place the dot. It will work wherever you place it. And even without the dot it will work. This means, people cannot create another user name by just varying the dot placement. This assures people can’t fake your user name that easily. For example, , and are one and the same.

5. Instead of having a address you can also replace it with address and vice-versa. You can use this to create filters and manage your incoming mails.