Email Horoscope

One’s Email ID and usage behavior could reveal some info about his online history:

* Email IDs like or with recent years indicates the year the Email ID was created.

* An Email ID with a very common name like or indicates he was one of the earlier and long time users of the service. No way such a common name is freely available.

* Email IDs like or with very old years indicates the year the person was born.

*  An Email ID like or indicates the profession / interest of the person involved.

* An Email ID like indicates that the writer is definitely Tamil and no global guy will recognize unless he himself declares as a writer 😉

* An Email ID like or indicates that the girl is in love with that guy. Most probably the boyfriend will be checking her emails. Beware.

* Any email ID with indicates that the owner is an early user of internet who doesn’t know to move to better email services or he should be real dumb.

* A person with more than 3 email IDs (most likely from small sites) and checks it regularly is a newbie internet user.

* A person who keeps forwarding emails probably doesn’t use internet for anything else worth spending time.

* One who calls you to verify that you received an email is probably a grand father / grand mother who is excited to learn this internet stuff.

* One who uses Twitter instead of Email is a fairly advanced internet user.

Can you think of anything else? 🙂