SEO Article Writing

Article writing with SEO (Search engine optimization) in mind:

1. Have short, to the point article titles. Place your important keywords at the beginning of the title.

2. Remove non-keywords, common words from the article URL.

(For WordPress ) In a post’s edit view, under the article title, you have an option to edit permalink. Pleas edit it to include only the keywords. You can leave out insignificant and common words like “how”, “to”, “for” etc.,

3. Always define or summarize the main theme of the article in first paragraph. The sooner you have the main keywords in the article, the better.

4. When you refer to your previous articles, link to them by descriptive text. A link saying “improve golf success” is better than a link saying “click here to see”.

5. Categorize and tag your articles well with keywords. Be liberal with keywords. But, it is better to use only one broad category.

6. Link to external useful information sources on the article topic.

7. Bold the keywords and important content. Please take care that you don’t over do this.

8. At the end of article, link to a list of related articles from the same website and your other websites.

9. Publish articles regularly with a predictable interval.

10. Pack your article with as much info you can. The more informative, exhaustive, comprehensive the better. Think if your article is worth linking by an unknown person. Improve it until you feel so.

11. Please genuinely participate, comment in other people’s forums and blogs. The more you mingle with the community the better it is for SEO.