Professional Freelancers

Being a single freelancer, sometimes I depend on my other freelancing friends to help me. Usually for graphic design skills. I am simply amazed to work with them and find them professioanl freelancers. So, I thought how can we describe professional freelancers:

1. Faster response time.

Responses usually within hours. Never later than a day. Mostly they complete the work and give the output instead of giving status messages. Always available to chat and clarify. Seems the world is full of awful customer service. So, everyone will appreciate for sure if you are sincere to clients.

2. Fair pricing.

They don’t charge for every single thing. Money is actually the last part of the work. Of course, it is also because of the friendships we share beyond work and favors we exchange. But that is also a lesson to develop good relationship with clients.

3. Thinking from client’s angle

Many time they think from my point of view and take the initiative to improve things. Have they not told me, I would have never thought of those things. This is the best feeling one can give a client.

4. Highly skilled

No one can be a jack of all arts. But choose to specialize in something.

5. Keeping the word

Keeping the word helps build trust. Not only professionally but culturally also this is very important. Of course, some times things can go wrong and unexpected. But, be sincere and honest. People appreciate honesty a lot.