How to write a freelance resume?

How to write a freelance resume?


Your freelancing resume should try to build trust with the clients.

There are many incompetent / just for money / machine language / marketing template speech companies. People are tired of them.

They want human touch. They want to be sure you will stay for long time.

1. Add a good, smiling, casual profile photo of your “face”.

Adds credibility. People feel friendly. A client said my profile photo prompted him to award a project !

2. Tell your first name.

A short nick name is plus. Don’t hide under some stupid company name, designation.

3. Start a blog on your expertise.

Link to it from your resume. They will know that you are not here just for the money. Many clients liked my blog, came through my blog before taking a decision to hire me.

4. Talk.

Don’t just present bullet points, figures. Try to explain briefly who you are, why you do this work and how you enjoy it.

5. Present the best of your portfolio.

Highlight what favorable results your work produced.


Bad – I did SEO for so and so companies.

Good – I did SEO for this site. This increased PageRank so much. Got 1,000+ new visitors. Increased the sales x %. These were the strategies I adopted….

6. Give Contact info. Phone, Email and Skype.

Clients search for suitable freelancers even before posting a job. They like to discuss and will even invite you exclusively to take the job.