How to write a freelance job?

To get the interest of quality freelancers, the clients need to be clear with their job postings. A good job post can be done as follows:

1. Describe the job with as much detail you can. Include directions in PDF. Refer to model sites. List the requirements. Do not give vague one line job descriptions like “Setup a site”, “Modify my code”.

2. Describe your ideal freelancer. What skill sets should she have? Should he have 100% positive feedback? Do you prefer someone in a specific location? What kind of support you expect?

3. Mention the time / budget you can afford.

4. Provide your Contact details. Email address and Skype ID are enough. Sometimes, I get exclusive invites but found no way to contact the client.

5. Be clear but polite. You may have had some bad experiences. But, if you lay too many conditions insulting the sincerity / intelligence of bidders, no self-respecting freelancer will bid 😉