How to get more visitors for your websites?

1. First let know your friends, relatives, contacts about your site. Mail them once.

2. Submit to your site to popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN and web directories in your field. Link to your new site from your already existing sites. Or request your friends to link to you. Make sure, your site is visible in the search engines ASAP. Learn Basic search engine optimisation tips. (Some SEO tips in Tamil here)

3. Comment / participate in similar websites / forums. Leave honest and useful thoughts there and try helping people with your expertise. Be known for activities, thoughts, input that you leave in other website. Become a source of information. Be part of a community. People will return the favor.

4. Give quality content. Don’t write for the sake of updating. You will have to read, learn a lot in your area of interest and spend time polishing your articles. Don’t cheat your visitors with misleading titles, unfulfilled promises.

5. Give full feeds. Will get you loyal visitors.

6. Respect your visitors even if they don’t agree with you.