How to choose a freelance client?

In the beginning, you may be desperate to win every client. But in the long run, you will need to choose your clients if you want to have peaceful freelancing career ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Check client’s profile

Does he have a good job award ratio? Has he got good feedback from freelancers?

2. Is the job description clear enough?

It is OK if the job doesn’t look clear at first sight. But the client should have some objective idea at least. Getting a blank canvas may look like complete freedom to work. But, it may also backfire with the client never getting satisfied with anything.

3. Avoid bargaining clients

Of course they all look for some lesser priced freelancers. But bargaining will severely degrade your value. Either they will think that they can reduce the rate further. Or they will think that you may be trying to cheat with higher price. Some clients will say “It is easy-peasy job, I will give you more projects in future”. Don’t fall for this trap. Not a single client who told me this came back ๐Ÿ˜‰

If the client is really under a tight budget, you may consider giving more value for the money he pays. You can include more features / support for more hours and present it as a good will gift. This way you will improve the client relationship.

Remember that as a freelancer (probably working from a lesser cost of living city) you are already offering lesser price. Do not reduce any further.

4. Avoid arrogant clients

I think this is self-explanatory. You can find the arrogance in the feedback they gave for his previous projects, job description, communication.

5. Avoid outsourced jobs

I don’t feel comfortable working for outsourced jobs from an outsourcing agency. I never know the profit these guys make and don’t want to slog. It is better to build business relationships directly with real clients. They give more value for your time and humanness.