How to get more comments in your blog?

How to get more comments in your blog or website?

1. Make it easy to comment.

* Show the comment box in the same page below the article.
* Allow anonymous commenting.
* Allow commenting without registering, signing in.
* Allow Open ID access.
* Have bigger comment boxes.
* Don’t pop up comment boxes.
* Don’t ask them to fill many details.
* Don’t have CAPTCHA.
* If you want to control spam, use anti spam plugin like Akismet.

2. No Moderation.

No one feels good to be moderated. Without moderation, even in your absence other people can carry forward a conversation in your blog without waiting for your approval. People like to see their comments at once.

If you are afraid of nasty comments, please remember that if people want to bad mouth they can do it in any place and you have no control over that at all.

3. Respond to comments

People feel more motivated to comment further, if you respond to their comments. Even if you are very busy, try to respond to few select meaningful comments at least. Else, people might think “What’s the point in commenting if he is not gonna respond anyway?”

4. Provide Comments tracking

People like to track comments in active discussions so they can take part later. Provide them with tools to track comments activity.

* Display recent comments in your blog sidebar.
* Install plugins like Subscribe to comments so people can track replies to their comments and come back to respond.
* Enable and highlight your comments RSS feed and encourage people to subscribe to it.
* Publish your feeds with comments.

5. Comment in other’s blogs

If you don’t visit anyone’s home you can be sure that no one visits you too. Unless you are a big shot.

Comment in other’s blogs. This is one fool-proof method to get comments in your blog 🙂 But don’t over do it and try to leave meaningful, useful comments in blogs of your niche. Never spam. Never beg to visit your site.

6. Be friendly

Yes. Be friendly. Your attitude matters a lot. If you write controversial topics and keep barking at people with second opinion, no one is going to comment.

7. Blogging is not giving a Sermon

Blogging is not like giving a Sermon. Even if you have lot to say, leave some. People can pick on these and will start a discussion. You can join with them later in the comments. New age blogging is all about having a conversation. Guess why Twitter rocks !

10 ideas for creating new blog posts

Do you run out of  ideas to post to your blog regularly? Here are some tips that may help:

1. Blog your passion. Identify what your passion is and blog about it. Track news, network with people in your niche. You will never run out of ideas about your passion. 

2. Draft your ideas. Actaully, we do have lots of  ideas to blog. Note them somewhere and create draft posts for them. Even filling the title of the posts with your idea is a good start. It will act as a reminder and you will always have lot of ideas waiting to be converted into posts.

3. Find what people search for. review your visitor stats and find what search keywords people are using to find your blog. More often, they may land in the wrong page or a general page. Create specific posts on those topics with more info.

4. FAQ posts. Do you reply to the same questions in email, forums? Create a Frequently asked questions post out of it. It is easy to send / post this link hereafter. This saves your time and brings you new visitors.

5. Blog your comments. You may be repeatedly posting the same comment in many blogs. For example, 

Hot current-affairs topics like Eelam, Elections etc.,

Evergreen topics like Hindi Vs Tamil, WordPress Vs Blogger etc.,

Summarize these comments and make a blog post out of it.

6. Link Posts. Do you visit some sites often? Do you see a pattern / theme in such sites? You can create posts with just these links. Many people want to find just links to relevant websites on a particular theme.

7. List posts. I often search for things like top movies, top books, top software etc., Do you have some favourite things which you often recommend to friends? You can list them in your posts.

8. Review Posts. People want to know opinion on anything new like gadgets, movies, albums etc., You can review anything that you may use. If you post consistently and regularly, you are bound to be an expert in your niche.

9. Troubleshooting posts. Do you troubleshoot your computer, software etc., often? You may think it is just trivia or regular things. But people do google a lot for troubleshooting. Blog your solutions.

10. Blog your experience. Have you done something which many others are finding difficult? For example, you may be going abroad for higher studies or getting a freelance job online. This definitely deserves to be blogged. People often look for guidance and inspiration. Such posts can get you great friends, referrals and loyal readers.