Author: Ravi

  • How to choose a Domain Name?

    How to choose a domain name? 1. See if you have the .com name . Even if you want to have the site at .org or  .net or other TLDs, if you don’t have the .com available, it is not good for branding. Go for another name. 2. If you are really serious about brand […]

  • GoDaddy Sucks

    GoDaddy Sucks. Why? 1. When you want to buy a single product, GoDaddy will keep pushing lot more products and confuse you. The check out is not a quick process. 2. Google “GoDaddy Problem“. There are so many GoDaddy specific problems. 3. GoDaddy doesn’t have the popular and familiar cpanel interface. The domain management interface, […]

  • WordPress Tips

    WordPress Tips

  • How to get more comments in your blog?

    How to get more comments in your blog or website? 1. Make it easy to comment. * Show the comment box in the same page below the article. * Allow anonymous commenting. * Allow commenting without registering, signing in. * Allow Open ID access. * Have bigger comment boxes. * Don’t pop up comment boxes. […]

  • Google Reader Shared Items Websites

    A year before, websites showing shared items in Google Reader were the talk of the industry. But none of them have kicked off like a Next Digg and some have even closed down since: 1. RSSMeme – My favorite website and the only website seem to be running. 2. ReadBurner – Under revamp now. I […]