Author: Ravi

  • How to reduce Bounce Rate?

    Bounce rate can be defined as how many visitors leave your site without seeing a second page in your site. This is an important metric for your website performance. It does not matter how many hits, page views, unique visitors you get. If they all leave immediately, then something is wrong. How to measure Bounce…

  • Free WordPress Web Hosting

    Would you like to blog in a own domain like me? I am offering Free WordPress web hosting now. Please see if it helps. Thanks.

  • WolframAlpha

    WolframAlpha is a new text and data computation engine. I have already started using it instead of Google for some of my needs. 1. To trace a IP addreess 2. To find current time 🙂 3. To find color of a HTML color code 4. To convert currency – Automatically detects and converts to your…

  • Slow WordPress ?

    Slow WordPress

  • Why Wikipedia ranks better in Google?

    For almost any search query, a Wikipedia article ranks better in Google.  Is Google biased towards Wikipedia? No. Google itself has Knol which is a direct competitor for Wikipedia. Then, how do Wikipedia articles rank better? Here is the secret: 1. Google favours informative pages over commercial sites. A search for web hosting in Google…