Author: Ravi

  • How to write a freelance resume?

    How to write a freelance resume? Trust. Your freelancing resume should try to build trust with the clients. There are many incompetent / just for money / machine language / marketing template speech companies. People are tired of them. They want human touch. They want to be sure you will stay for long time. 1. […]

  • Elance beginners FAQ

    1. Can you make money in Elance? Yes. I do 🙂 2. Won’t they cheat you without paying? No. Before you start the work, the client will deposit the project money with Elance. So, no client can run away after you finish the work. 3. What kind of work can I find in Elance? Mostly, […]

  • SEO beginners FAQ

    SEO beginners FAQ 1. How to get listed in Google? Read How to get listed in Google 2. How many search engines should I get listed? It doesn’t make sense to submit to 100s of search engines. Your most of the traffic will come from Google. So it is enough if you get listed in […]

  • How to get listed in Google?

    How to get listed in Google? 1. Create a useful site with at least 10 pages of comprehensive, unique and useful content. 2. Use a content management system like WordPress. WordPress takes care of 80% of the SEO mechanics ( See slides 11 and 12) 3. Add a xml sitemap. If you use WordPress, Google […]

  • SEO Article Writing

    Article writing with SEO (Search engine optimization) in mind: 1. Have short, to the point article titles. Place your important keywords at the beginning of the title. 2. Remove non-keywords, common words from the article URL. (For WordPress ) In a post’s edit view, under the article title, you have an option to edit permalink. […]