Author: Ravi

  • Adwords tips

    I am trying Adwords for my web hosting service and some lessons learnt: * Try long tail keywords for competitive niche. The per click cost is less and the sale conversion can be higher. * Observe other top performing ads and refine your ad copy. The copy needs to be relevant for the keyword. Same […]

  • Website password recovery best practices

    Some best practices to offer password recovery in websites: 1. Offer a password recovery option 🙂 With many sites being run on standard CMS, this is a  given thing. But make sure the ‘Forgot password” option is clearly visible and near to the login form. 2. Do not send passwords in mail Do not send […]

  • SEO reading

    Few resources for SEO beginners: 1. Google SEO beginner guide 2. SEO Book 3. Daily SEO blog 4. WordPress SEO by Yoast 5. Matt Cutts – Google Web Spam head’s blog 6. Vladimir’s SEO tips

  • Outdated website design

    Does your website fit any of the following? Then your web site’s design is outdated for sure. Either you or your web designer is living in a cave 😉 * Never disappearing Under construction clip art sign. Mostly with a nice hammer and nail. * Home page says Click here to enter for no reason […]

  • Email Horoscope

    One’s Email ID and usage behavior could reveal some info about his online history: * Email IDs like or with recent years indicates the year the Email ID was created. * An Email ID with a very common name like or indicates he was one of the earlier and long time […]