Author: Ravi

  • FireFox Add-ons that I use

    Better Gmail – Gives lot of cool features for Gmail users. Better GReader – Features for Google reader users. GreaseMonkey – Useful to install lot of scripts. Must have.. Before installing any user script you should install this first. Padma – You can view non-Unicode Indic sites in Unicode. Also install the Padma enhancer script […]

  • 9 things to do before moving to a new webhost server.

    Recently I moved from my friend’s web host server and went with the Daddy. Some lessons for those who wanna move their websites to another host: 1. Research. I heard about GoDaddy and was using it for Domain registrations for some months and I just went ahead and bought the web hosting service from […]

  • How to show feeds within HTML pages?

    You can use Google AJAX Feed API to create websites like Tamil.Kanimai . I used AJAX dynamic feed control wizard to show my blog feeds in the Ravidreams homepage.

  • Time saving and management tips for online chat

    1. Do not be logged into any chat application by default all the time you are online. If you could follow this, then half the time you spend in online chats would be saved. Having status mode as busy / don’t disturb doesn’t really help. Our best friend’s first job is to buzz! us 🙂 […]

  • Some useful wordpress plugins that I use

    Useful WordPress Plugins