Author: Ravi

  • Flipkart ebook sale – Recommended books

    Flipkart ebooks: Flipkart is running an ebook sale. 1,00,000 books are available for Rs. 99 or less. Flipkart ebooks are DRM protected. You can read them only in their Android / iOS app (in your smartphone or tablet) or in their web browser app. Reading in web browser app can be cumbersome. You cannot transfer […]

  • PayPal 2.0

    I have been using PayPal for last few years but hardly notice any user interface improvements. There are many alternative Payment processing services but nothing comes close to PayPal’s universal presence. While some are good, they are best only for the US market. So, if there is ever a PayPal 2.0, I wish it has […]

  • Freelance pricing

    Freelance pricing lessons from my experience: 1. No Free work Most of the freelance work involves direct one to one manual work. If you have a digital product like a software you can afford to provide an extra copy for free but not for manual work. 2. No sample work Your portfolio should speak for […]

  • Email Productivity

    Tips for improving productive use of emails: 0. Use Gmail. It helps in using email most productively. 1. Use separate email IDs for work, personal life ( friends, family.. ) and online ( subscriptions, groups .. ) Set the frequency of checking in that order. 2. Use Gmail’s priority inbox feature and stop checking non-priority […]

  • Adsense for Indic language websites

    I tried Adsense for my Tamil blog and the result is a disaster 🙂 I had thousands of impressions and only one click worth 1 cent !! It mostly showed public service ads or irrelevant links or went blank. What publishers can do: * Even if your content is non-English, name your domain relevantly in […]