Useful Tools for Web Developers

Free software tools I use and found highly useful for Web Developers:

1. NotePad++ – An advanced yet simple editor for viewing and editing codes.

2. FileZilla – The best tool for doing FTP.

3. Firefox – It is a must have development tool. If your work appears correct in Firefox, then you can be sure your work is standards compliant. Firefox serves as a platform for numerous other web development tools available as Firefox extensions.

4. GIMP – Free software for image editing.

5. FireBug – A Firefox extension which helps you understand the code and fix the bug. Must have Firefox extension.

Do you feel any other software should be a must-have one? Please let me know in the comments.

Google Chrome


1. Lightning fast. Works great with Wikipedia pages, vbulletin forums, Google applications like Gmail, Google reader.

2. Connectivity. Not only does loads damn fast, i am also getting connected to all calls without delay and fail. From Firefox I couldn’t connect properly many times.

3. Larger screen space. Uncluttered menu.  I used to press F11 often in Firefox too.

4. Download manager. It is easier to locate downloads now.  

5. Tabs Managment. Tabs opened from one page are grouped together. You can close all tabs except the current tab, close tabs to the right, close tabs opened by the current tab. You can drag and reorder the them. You can pull out a tab and get a new window. 

6. Isolated tab processes. One tab doesn’t crash the whole window. 

7. Pleasing interface colour.

8. Application shortcuts. Now i made application shortcuts for Wikipedia, Google reader, Gmail, Twitter, Nonoh. I use them so often that i better think them of as applications not as webpages. Mozilla Prism does this too. But the integration and ease of use is better. 

9. Speed dial. 

10. Easy to install. Imports Favourites, browsing history, passwords.

11. Inspect element. The view source page is rich in presentation.


Could have been better:

1. No Master Password option. Privacy concerns if more people can access your computer.

2. I am too used to Firefox 3 location bar. It was better in ease of use. I could type any letter in the website title / url and get my sites. Also, it displayed the title name above url which is easy to read. 

3. Speed dial is not accurate and we have no control over it.

4. No auto feed discovery.

5. Could allow installing Firefox add-ons. I miss them.

6. No auto suggest for searching bookmarks, history, downloads etc.,