GoDaddy Sucks

GoDaddy Sucks. Why?

1. When you want to buy a single product, GoDaddy will keep pushing lot more products and confuse you. The check out is not a quick process.

2. Google “GoDaddy Problem“. There are so many GoDaddy specific problems.

3. GoDaddy doesn’t have the popular and familiar cpanel interface. The domain management interface, hosting management interface are all outdated, cluttered, not user-friendly at all. Since it has a uniquely useless interface, you will waste lot of time figuring out how to do things and finding the buttons.

4. If you want to move a domain registered with GoDaddy, you have to do 60 days before the domain expires. Else, it will lock the domain with them for another year. Considering how users think of moving only at the last minute, they will be trapped.

5. While most of the top web hosts offer unlimited web hosting space for around 6 US dollars a month, GoDaddy charges 13 USD.

6. No Fantastico / simple scripts to easily install software like WordPress. The alternative solution GoDaddy offers is horrible and slow.

7. GoDaddy doesn’t warn you before reaching the bandwidth limit. Instead I get a notice that I am going to be charged for extra bandwidth that I unknowingly consumed. If they had given a prior warning, I would have taken care. They are charging as high as 2 USD per 1 GB extra bandwidth which is atrocious. Nothing less than looting you. And before I could change a valid payment info, they are threatening me to wipe down all my sites. How dare! That too, I still have 2 years of hosting money paid in advance !

8. No easy and comprehensive way to track stats.

9. GoDaddy will lure with you lot of features which you will discover that they are individually priced.

10. GoDaddy seems to offer a slightly lesser prize for hosting. But, you will have to pay for 4 years, while companies like bluehost ask to pay for 2 years only . Once you are in, it’s a hard decision to move out before this 4 years time.

11. Once I got a email notice that there seems to be a phishing attempt from my site and it will suspend my site in a day If I don’t respond. How am I suppose to respond within such a short period? How if I was in a vacation?

12. Thinking they make it more safe, GoDaddy has made password recovery frustrating. They keep logging out automatically in short sessions. I want it to trust me more and make things easy.

This list will grow more as I continue to suffer.

Right now, the only thing pretty about GoDaddy is the girl they show in their homepage 🙂 Don’t get fooled !!

GoDaddy sucks.